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This is the LearningToolsWiki, online assistance for Hofstra's students for all things related to Learning with Technology. It's organized to efficiently get you to just what you want to learn about.

The site is continually growing. You can participate in that growth if you'd like. We would love to have you participate; just drop us a line! Contact us at or call us at 516-463-7777 (option 1) to learn how.


Knowledge Base
A list of answers to our most frequently asked questions.

Detailed information about the PridePrint student
printing system.

Tech Techniques
Information about topics such as effective searching, professional social networking, and online security.

Tutorials on the software located in the labs and used in class.

Hofstra's Wireless Network
Connect to HU Preferred! Detailed information about the Hofstra wireless network.

Get your coding questions answered!

Are you interested in working for Student Computing Services? Check out our Employment opportunities!

How to use this site

  • Use the search tool at the top to find information on a specific topic.
  • Browse the categories on this page to see what is available.
  • Additional Resources: Wiki Instructions for Users
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